RESCO PRODUCTS, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh Pa, celebrates its 70th year of business in the Refractories Industry. With the recent acquisition of certain assets from various companies, Resco Products, Inc. employs over 700 people operating sites in the USA which include: Oak Hill, OH; East Canton, OH; New Castle, Pa; Warren, OH; Moulton, Alabama; Tarentum Pa ; Greensboro, NC; Hillsborough, NC; Santa Fe Springs, CA; ; Hammond, IN, and two subsidiaries Resco-Canada, Marelan, Quebec, Canada and Resco-UK, Leicestershire, England. Its diversity of products range from refractory raw materials to finished products used in sophisticated processes. RESCO manufactures both brick and monolithic refractories in various silica, alumina, magnesite and chrome compositions.

RESCO serves various markets such as steel, refineries, cement, lime & paper industries, coal fired power generation, CFB units and construction brick product producers. Other business sectors include sales to the non-ferrous and foundry industries and mineral sales to the landfill environmental, technical and hobby ceramics industries.

Today, RESCO is well positioned to broaden its product and market base into the 21st century.




Schunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbH -located in Willich/Germany- are specialists in the field of Technical Ceramics and belongs to the world leading manufacturers, in particular for the market-segments Ceramic Industry, Burner Technology, Metallurgy, Defense and Tribology. The company offers a broad spectrum of oxide- and non oxide ceramics and is part of the Schunk Carbon Technology Division – A global leader in the development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions.

The Schunk Group is an internationally operating technology company with around 8,100 employees in 29 countries. The company offers a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and air conditioning, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding. In 2015, the Schunk Group achieved a turnover of 1.065 billion euros.



SIRTEC is a prestigious brand that was able to impose itself on the business market in very few years.

SIRTEC was born from the ashes of Sirma S.p.A., a company closed in 2009 after being a leader in this field for several years decades. SIRTEC has maintained Sirma’s know-how, improving at the same time the mixtures and also the production technology with the introduction of two new generation kiln, capable to produce very long rollers.

Currently SIRTEC owns the most complete range of refractory rollers and is able to satisfy every any requirement of the business market, giving its customers the possibility to improve their roller kiln performances.

Thanks to the start-up  of a second line, the total production capacity will soon reaches the Number of about 500,000 rollers per year, up to the length of 6000 mm.