With nearly 40 years in the market, Estiva Refratários has been outstanding in providing cordierite and cordierite-mullite refractory furniture, rollers and special parts for different market segments.


Founded in 1977 and based on the initial idea of ​​being merely “a replacement option for international refractories,” nowadays Estiva is not only the largest of its segment in Latin America, but also became a reference in several countries, valuing the quality of its products, technological innovation and, mainly, for meeting the demands of our customers and prospects.


Estiva currently has two plants in Brazil and a joint venture recently opened in Tunisia to produce rollers, with a workforce of close to 150 people to produce refractory pieces by extrusion, slip casting and pressing. The raw materials are specially cared and treated to give it characteristics that make Estiva a world-class supplier. This emphasis is not only due to the quality of its products, but mainly by people involved in the whole process: customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.


Estiva Refratários is sure that dedication of all involved is the key of our relations, always guided by professionalism, respect, cooperation and openness to new developments, projects and technologies.


With nearly 4 decades since its launching, and with ceramicists with more than 50 years of experience, Estiva Refratários occupies a privileged position in the national and international market, always seeking to align the knowledge acquired with the daily challenges to attend the technological growth and evolution of our customers.

Our most valuable asset: PEOPLE

With the objective of personal improvement, Estiva Refratários invests in its employees to achieve excellence in service to our customers, suppliers and partners.